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 Hello, my name is Marilyn Weil and for several years I have made and sold jewelry under the name of Possessions. I have sold at wholesale shows and with sales reps in various parts of the U.S. I do a variety of styles from very contemporary and funky to brass, silver, beaded, dyed aluminum and etched.

I became interested in fused glass after taking classes at the Corning Glass Museum. I have also taken classes from some of the industry leaders. I am now working primarily with art glass and making dichroic fused glass jewelry and accessories. I also use porcelain as time allows. Most items are one-of-a-kind. I sometimes sell findings and material in addition to the finished jewelry. You can visit my eBay store or my Etsy store by clicking on the links to the right. I have been on eBay since 1999.

I love to make things. I also paint ceramics, and have done knitting, crocheting, decoupage, oil painting, interior and landscape design. (probably a few other things also). My husband & I have traveled extensively around the world and some of my designs reflect those adventures. I hope you like them.
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More coming soon..